Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Springer

Decision Support Systems XII. Decision Support Addressing Modern Industry, Business, and Societal Needs

8th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology, ICDSST 2022
Thessaloniki, Greece, May 23–25, 2022, Proceedings

Abstract: Since their development, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have gained substantial momentum and immense adoption in different industries worldwide. The innovations of cryptocurrencies and machine learning algorithms have had significant implications for the growth and advancement of these technologies. The combination of the two presents incredible benefits to organizations in various sectors in terms of harnessing existing data for pattern recognition and insight identification. The technologies have impacted how industries do their businesses. This study includes a systematic review that explores how blockchain and AI, have changed the real estate industry, as well as the way the related businesses can take advantage of the technologies’ capabilities to stay afloat within this new technological development. This research adopts the Prisma methodology to explore how the application of blockchain and AI has impacted the real estate sector. The main finding is that in real estate, the combination of blockchain and AI has great potential, especially in modeling data and valuation, storing information in digital formats and securing transactions.

Keywords: Blockchain · Artificial intelligence · Real estate